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Backstage photos of The Finger and the Moon #3 in Genoa

Posted on: December 13th, 2012 by Liuba 1 Comment

The Finger and the Moon #3 has been prepared by almost a year of research and contacts in Genoa. Artist Liuba, supported by anthropologist Barbara Caputo, spent time in Genoa investigating the human geography, searching for various religious communities in town, visiting them and explaining the project to them, in order to recruiting people who wish to perform with Liuba.

The process of meeting and involving people in the performance is part of the piece and it’s documented by photos, videos and writings. We believe that art needs to go out of museums and galleries, and it must become an integral part of the fabric of our society.

Here are some pictures:

With Pastors at the Anglican Church

with Imam at Sampierdarena Islamic Center

With European Muslims League President

With Mr.Lal, sikk community

With Valdese Church Pastor

Ghett’up Civic Center

Questions, explications and programmation

Sri Lanka community research….

La Casa Russa (The Russian House)

Mr Lal introducing Liuba to a Community

Russian Orthodox Church

The Jewish Sinagogue

The Finger and the Moon flyers in via del Campo

Sampierdarena Islamic Center

Porta Soprana, near where Liuba was staying by servas friend Carlo

With Domenico of S. Egidio Community

Dinner at mr Lal and his wife’s home



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