The Finger and the Moon

The Finger and the Moon is a work-in-progress project by Italian artist Liuba (NET). It’s about spirituality, respect, tolerance, doubt, human beings and differences. It’s a project of open questions. It’s about the importance of spirituality in life and the danger of fanaticism. It’s about social and anthropological issues as well.

This website is part of the artistic project and it has two main sections: one is about the artistic project itself, with written texts, video, photos, and other miscellaneous documentation about all the ongoing steps. The other section is The Finger and the Moon blog.

The blog is conceived with the purpose of collecting ideas from people working in the same dialogue-oriented directions, with their different perspectives as artists, scientists, sociologists, religious practitioners, and anthropologists, and to deepen information about the project, different religions and different cultures.

“All religions are like fingers pointing to the moon.

What’s important is to look beyond the finger.”

 ©2012 The Finger and the Moon