Liuba (NET) is the name that italian artist Liuba chose to maintain her own artistic identity but also to thank and highlight all the people who collaborate, support, help, contribute to her projects, without whom her work would not be possible.» Liuba (NET) Project Network


LIUBA is a multi media and site-specific projects artist living between New York and Milan. Her work with performance, anthropology, technology and interactions has been presented in many exhibitions and performances internationally, including Venice Biennial, The Armory Show, PAC Milan, Art Basel, Scope London. Her work has been reviewed by Artnet Magazine, Flash Art International Magazine, IkonoTV, Artribune and others. She has published several DVDs. She currently works in collaboration with anthropologists to develop site specific projects.


2012 “The Food Project. Performance 1” Grace Exhibition Space, Brooklyn (US)
2011 Skype performance live c/o The YES FOUNDATION STICHTING JA, Den Bosch, (NL)
2011 “Senza parole” performance at 54 Venice Biennial, Venice (I)
2011 “Hunger International Performance Festival”, BLO Atelier, Berlin (D)
2011 “Jericho in Bremen” at Performance Festival, Bremer Kunstfrühling, Bremen (D)
2011 “The invisible web of italian art system” at NABA for MIArt, curated by M. Scotini and G. Di Pietrantonio, Milan (I)


Senza Parole (With No Words), 2011, Italy,colours, 7’30” ed 3+ 2ap
The Slowly Project: Take your time – New York, 2005 – 2011, Usa, colours, 19’36” ed 5 + 2ap
Side by Side, part one, 2005 – 2010, Italy, colours 7’18” three channel videoinstallation ed 3+ 2ap

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